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"Tim Bonser’s lighting does superb work in seamlessly taking us through the many complex iterations of the story"

Theatre Matters on Constellations


"Highlighted by perfectly restrained lighting design"

Arts Hub on Common Dissonance

"Someone needs to ensure the big overseas production companies never discover what Riley Tapp and Tim Bonser can do... Melbourne theatre cannot afford to lose the genius they bring to the stage in lighting and set design"

Theatre Travels on Measure of a Moment

"Lighting by Tim Bonser takes some of the bigger dramatic episodes to the next level"

Theatre Matters on Caligula

"Lit with panache from a design by Tim Bonser"

Stage Whispers on Mack & Mabel


"The set by Riley Tapp and lighting by Tim Bonser make an exquisite and luscious combo, elevating the production and giving the audience a feast for the eyes"

Australian Arts Review on Caligula

"The lighting effectively signposts more specific settings, with the experience of a bank being so far flung from that of a beach or small country house"

Theatre Travels on Measure of a Moment

"The whole effect comes alive with a lighting design by Tim Bonser that is in many ways the star of the show"
Seesaw on Mack & Mabel

"Lit in creative and exciting ways"
Theatre Travels on Guys & Dolls

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